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Re: Weird X crash

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> Core was generated by `X'.
>8 ....
> I don't use emacs often, so am not bothered much, but it is apparently
> some problem.
> The system is an HP Envy laptop with an Intel 530 graphics and
> (nonfunctional under NetBSD) GeForce 950M, running under 8.99.34 at
>8 ...
> Emacs is 26.1 from pkgsrc.

You might try `emacs -Q` to reproduce the problem. Failing, as expected,
you might try `make update` in pkgsrc with the lucid option for X toolkit.

                details X and keyboard problems

The mechanism "M-x report-emacs-bug" will send info to the maintainer.
(Best check to see if the bug has already been reported before already.)

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