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Re: Question about open ports

On Feb 24,  1:12pm, Arthur Barlow wrote:
} I'm using amd64 Current, (8.99.34), which I use as a desktop machine as
} well as an NFS file server.  When I scan the ports, I see the ones I
} expect, sun rpc, (111), and nfsd, (2049), but I also see 1021 - 1023 as
} listening ports.
} When I look these up on IANA, they are mentioned as experimental.  I don't
} know what launches these listening ports, but I suspect nfs.  Can someone
} reassure me with their wisdom that these are necessary, or not.

     They are related:

adg-vm: {11} fstat -n | grep 'internet.*102'
root     rpc.lockd    243    3* internet dgram udp *:1020
root     rpc.lockd    243    4* internet stream tcp *:1021
root     rpc.statd    311    4* internet dgram udp *:1021
root     rpc.statd    311    5* internet stream tcp *:1022
root     mountd       292    3* internet dgram udp *:1022
root     mountd       292    4* internet stream tcp *:1023
root     rpcbind      234    6* internet dgram udp *:1023

fstat tells you about open files/sockets.  mountd is how clients
find out about file systems and get handles to them.  rpc.lockd
and rpc.statd are involved in file locking for NFS.  I'm not sure
why rpcbind has udp *:1023 open.  mountd is essential for an NFS
server.  rpc.lockd and rpc.statd aren't strictly essential but can
be helpful.

}-- End of excerpt from Arthur Barlow

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