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panic with mount_union in installer

I got a panic during a kind of exotic install try of -current (8.99.34)
on amd64. Due to large number of GPT partitions I quickly got a total of
19 wedges (up to dk18) with only 16 of them available in /dev (install/53992).

Manual mknod in /dev/ wasn't possible due to r/o filesystem (cd-image), 
so I made a directory in tmpfs-mounted /tmp, some device nodes inside 
and then I mounted that dir with mount_union over /dev:

mkdir /tmp/dev
cd /tmp/dev
mknod dk16 b 168 16
mknod rdk16 c 168 16
mount_union /tmp/dev /dev

1. newfs -O 2 name=... was successful 
2. mount name=... /targetroot/... was successful
3. and during untar process I got following panic:

Piotr 'aniou' Meyer

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