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Re: README: gcc 7 switch coming to a port near you!

On Thu, 7 Feb 2019, Anders Lindgren wrote:

> A quick test suggest this will happen if ${ACTIVE_CC} simply isn't defined
> when the expression is evaluated, effectively yielding:
> defined(7) && 7 == 7 && == "gcc"

That makes sense.  Since this is a "cleandir" operation, there is no
ACTIVE_CC (I should think), so the variable is undefined or empty.

Perhaps ACTIVE_CC needs a 'defined()' test as well, or at least wrap in
double-quotes for a valid string comparison.

Just did this now (wrap ${ACTIVE_CC} in double-quotes: "${ACTIVE_CC}")
in the reported failing and started the build over.  The
clean-dir for "...pkg_install/lib" appears to have succeeded.  The build
(target=sparc) is proceeding.

Although I see numerous Makefile* files with this same idiom, perhaps
it was just this one "" that was affected due to the
conditional being evaluated outside of a target where ACTIVE_CC would
otherwise be guaranteed to be defined?

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