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Re: amd64 EFI and Xen

In article <>,
KIYOHARA Takashi  <> wrote:
>I got EFI machine(ThinkPad X1 Gen6) in office.
>I try to use Xen on this.  But could't boots 8.0/amd64's XEN3_DOM0 kernel
>with some errors.
>I done fix and implement to multiboot to efiboot.
>XEN3_DOM0 boots for -current.  8.0's XEN3_DOM0 can't boot...
>Can you marge attached diffs?
>known problems:
>- amd64 kernel not support multiboot command-line arguments.
>  XEN3_DOM0 kernel tries to mount EFI system partision to root-filesystem.
>- iwm(4) is not working by this message.
>    iwm0: autoconfiguration error: hardware error. stopping device
>- Shuld support to multiboot2 instead of multiboot.

Thanks for working on this. Perhaps it is better to add a
"multiboot_ptr32_t" to indicate that these 4 bytes are a pointer
where appropriate.  If this is compiled with an LP64 compiler,
won't in complain about the casts from integer to pointer?



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