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Re: failed to create llentry writes:

> Apparentlysome of the route table entries are special and should not be
> deleted.


> After flushing them and attempting to add a default route, I get these
> messages over and over again.
> ifconfig iwm0 delete
> ifconfig iwm0
> re-creates the magical route stuff so I can add a default route again

The entry with flags "UC" is a "cloning route" which instructs the
kernel to perform ARP/ND and insert llinfo routes.  Typically these are

Without the C route for the subnet, a packet will still match the
default route, but then there is no route for the IP addess of the
gateway.  Without a C route and without a UHLc route, there is no way to
arp.  It's the C route that directs that  the prefix should be handled
by arping (and on which interface).

So when you are flushing routes, don't delete that one.

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