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Graphics open-source-friendliness, AMD Ryzen vs. Intel

I may need to buy parts for a new computer because of malfunctions on current motherboard and CPU (Intel Sandy Bridge dating to May 2011).

Question is whether I am better off, regarding open-source-friendliness of graphics chips for running Xorg, with AMD Ryzen or the newer Intel chipsets.  I know to avoid NVIDIA.

I am inclined to run NetBSD-current and modular pkgsrc Xorg.

When I boot into UEFI setup, I see the CPU temperature is or quickly goes to 97 C and stays there.  

I tried replacing the thermal paste and installing a new case fan to replace one that had quit, but CPU temperature still shows and stays at 97 C.

Now I have a replacement Arctic Cooler heatsink and fan on order to replace the original Intel heatsink and fan whose connectors were damaged in taking out and struggling to get back in. 

Currently, I boot into UEFI Setup, but after a couple minutes, the computer powers off and then tries to power back on, then off again a few seconds later, until I end the loop by turning off the power supply switch.  I can guess CPU overheating.

I could transplant the current hard drive (Seagate NAS 4 TB) to get a quicker start software-wise.


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