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Re: sysutils/lsof stopped working for non-root user

In article <>,
Chavdar Ivanov  <> wrote:
>On amd64 -current from yesterday the latest lsof returns immediately if
>invoked by non-root user. I am sure it worked a few weeks ago. It works ok
>for the root.
>ktruss /usr/pkg/sbin/lsof
>returns only:
>fcntl(0x4, 0x3, 0)                = 4194305
>fcntl(0x4, 0x4, 0x400001) = 0
>Seeing it is installed setgid kmem, I added myself to the group, no effect.
>lsof was rebuilt once more just in case.
>Is this some new security measure or a fallout?

I think this is part of maxv@ changes to hide pointers from userland.


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