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A -current kernel fails to boot - amd64

I was trying to boot a new kernel to test out recent USB changes (to see
if they've fixed the problem I reported in kern/50319), but the kernel
doesn't boot.  Almost immediately after loading the kernel, and after
only 3 or four lines of green console text being displayed, the screen
goes totally black (without even a cursor).  This is _very_ early in the
boot process, and _long_ before the usual console-display-mode-switch
from drmkms.  After a brief interval, the machine reboots, so I suspect
it is panic()ing;  but there is no crash or panic info displayed on the
blank screen.

I run on a system with GTX 1050-Ti video card, and I know that this is
currently unsupported by the nouveau(4) driver.  But it runs just fine
under a 8.99.22 kernel built from 2018-07-25 07:42:52 UTC sources (as
seen by the attached dmesg).

Since the screen goes totally black very quickly, and the small amount
of text being displayed, and the lack of any other console mechanism,
it is unfortunately not possible for me to provide any further debug

I suspect that this might be caused by recent drmkms changes...

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