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M.2 SSDs and Marvell 88SE9230 SATA

Any informed guesses whether M.2 SSDs will work if I buy them for my Lenovo server?

Based on the following, I've determined they should be Marvell 88SE9230:

Only 88SE91XX is currently explicitly supported by ahcisata:
pcidevs:product MARVELL2 88SE91XX       0x91a3  88SE91XX SATA
pcidevs:product MARVELL2 88SE9215       0x9215  88SE9215 SATA
pcidevs:product MARVELL2 88SE9220       0x9220  88SE9220 SATA
pcidevs:product MARVELL2 88SE9230       0x9230  88SE9230 SATA
pcidevs:product MARVELL2 88SE9235       0x9235  88SE9235 SATA

I'm probably going to try nonetheless (how hard can it be to add???), but any hints based on experience would be useful.


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