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Status of 8.99.12

After an extended period of build breaks, I finally got a new release built from sources updated on 2018-02-10 at 04:02:43 UTC

I'm seeing several problems with this release that were not seen with my previous installation (from last November).

1. Starting the gnucash program (from pkgsrc finance/gnucash) now takes
   about 3 times as long as before.  Even after successfully loading
   the image (to get libraries etc into the file system cache) it take
   more than three full minutes for the program to initialize.

2. Whenever I try to shutdown the system, I get a networking-related
   panic.  The following is manually transcribed:

	trap type 4 code 0 rip 0xffffffff802d3f75 cs 0x8 rflags 0x10282
	  cr2 0x77e0e931c020 ilevel 0x4 rsp 0xffff80090a7e3c80
	curlwp 0xffffe4afbb6e8700 pid 926.1 lowest kstack
	kernel: protection fault trap, code = 0
	stopped in 926.1 (avahi-daemon) at ip_setmoptions+0x237: movq
	ip_setmoptions + 0x237
	ip_rtloutput + 0x218
	udp_ctloutput + 0x82
	udp_ctloutput_wrapper + 0x2c
	sosetopt + 0x67
	sys_setsockopt + 0x91
	syscall + 0x1ed (syscall #105)

3. After getting the above, as soon as I type a single character as
   command input to ddb(4), I get a LOCKDEBUG panic.  I didn't yet
   transcribe the 40+ lines of output, but the backtrace clearly
   includes a couple entries from the xhci (USB-3) driver.

4. While the system is running, I have noticed that un-mounting nullfs
   mounts is very slow.  Using mksandbox (from pkgsrc), I create a
   sandbox with about 22 null mounts.  Creating/mounting is no problem,
   and everything runs as expected.  However, when unmounting these
   nullfs, each one takes between 3 and 6 wall-seconds, during which
   the umount process is running at 100% of one CPU.  Additionally,
   some of these umounts seem to grab the CPU with interrupts disabled,
   resulting in total stall of the machine for the duration (and, in X,
   cursor movement stalls/gets "jerky").  All the unmounts eventually
   complete successflly.

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