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Re: new fork issues; preventing shutdown

    Date:        Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:30:09 +0100
    From:        Thomas Klausner <>
    Message-ID:  <20171109233009.ufubvhnk5qpr73gx@danbala>

This isn't really relevant to the substance of your message, but ...

  | I couldn't even shutdown, because zsh couldn't fork shutdown,

Back in the days when this kind of thing used to happen frequently,
the standard technique used to be

	get to be root ("exec su" should work if you have a shell)
	exec /sbin/reboot   (perhaps /rescue/reboot would be safer)

If there's a terminal with a login prompt, then even if you're not
logged in, this should work, as that already has the one process slot
that is really needed.

shutdown is way too heavyweight, reboot (or halt of course) is the
best way to get the system back.

If you have enough shells around to sacrifice, sometimes it is possible
to work out what to kill, and kill stuff (usually by process group) instead,
but that can be hard, and only really works if you can get it all first time.


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