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Re: Sets much smaller than they used to be?

"Ian D. Leroux" <> writes:

> I rebuilt/reinstalled amd64 -current on the weekend, and noticed
> (during etcupdate) that many lines had been deleted from the /etc/mtree
> files. For instance, many of the files in /usr/include (e.g. stdio.h)
> don't appear anywhere in the lists under /etc/mtree.
> At the same time, I've discovered that at least one file
> (/usr/include/sys/audioio.h) is not getting installed/updated when I
> run ./ install=/
> That file happened to have changed between my last build in late
> February and the most recent one, which made the failure to install the
> updated version more obvious.
> Might these two observations be related?  Did something change recently
> about the way the set lists are put together?
> --

I don't know if this related, but did something change regarding
b/make or not using obj/ directories in the last couple days?

When doing a "cvs -q update -dP" recently I started getting stuff like

? usr.sbin/ypset/ypset
? usr.sbin/ypset/ypset.d
? usr.sbin/ypset/ypset.html8
? usr.sbin/zdump/.depend
? usr.sbin/zdump/zdump
? usr.sbin/zdump/zdump.d
? usr.sbin/zdump/zdump.html8
? zic/.depend
? zic/zic
? zic/zic.d
? zic/zic.html8
cvs [update aborted]: could not chdir to mrouted/mrouted: Not a directory

and I can't get " release" to complete anymore.

My ~/.cvsignore has
to previously filter out such files when updating, I thought.  Here is a
directory after trying to release

scole@dstar:~/nbsd>  ls cvs/src/usr.sbin/zdump/
CVS/         obj/         zdump.d      zdump.o
Makefile     zdump        zdump.html8
scole@dstar:~/nbsd> ls cvs/src/usr.sbin/zdump/obj

I tried checking out a new tree and got the same results.


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