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Re: kernel building sync

In article <>,
Robert Elz  <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> wrote:
>Back in early March, 2004, a "sync" was added to src/etc/Makefile
>in the recipe for linking kernels (I won't even bother to ask what
>anything relating to linking kernels is doing there...)
>The log message (with a similar comment in the source) is ...
>	sync after building kernels.  on some host systems (Linux) on NFS
>	have been seen to fail with the error:
>	    pax: File ./netbsd was modified during copy to archive
>	and this avoids it.
>It should really say "after beinging each kernel" though for the
>purpose explained, what it says (but doesn't do) would make more sense.
>But do we believe that linux is still that broken, almost 13 years later,
>and that perhaps we could do away with that now ?

I also think that they should be removed.


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