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Re: Makefile PATH modification with -current 'make'?

>The curious item is that the very last line of "wip/moto4lin/Makefile"

Sorry not familar with that - what's url to check it out?

>PATH:=                  ${QTDIR}/bin:${PATH}

>This produces the following on NetBSD/i386-7.99.59:
>$ make show-var VARNAME=PATH

The show-var target simply does

echo ${${VARNAME}:Q}

which AFAICT behaves as expected (current make on 7/amd64 and 7/i386)

Are you able to run that makefile with say

make -dv -V PATH

and save all the output (likely a lot ;-) you can send it to me.

FWIW I can reproduce the above by passing PATH=$$path on command line
but that should not be happening ;-)

>On netbsd-7/amd64 the result is the expected path prepended with
>${QTDIR}/bin and a couple of other pkgsrc-generated elements.

Doing the same make -dv -V PATH that produces the expected result would
be useful too - for comparison


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