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Re: libc build failure

    Date:        Mon, 13 Feb 2017 12:18:37 +0000
    From:        Patrick Welche <>
    Message-ID:  <20170213121837.GB17444@quartz>

  | I see it's a known issue - I'll try to zap some more. make cleandir and
  | make clean in those directories apparently isn't enough...

Unfortunately, "make clean" just deletes those re-buildable files that
are known to exist, ones that used to exist, but no longer do, get omitted.

If you had done the "make clean"s before the "cvs update" which required the
action, that would probably have worked, after it, that's useless - hence
why an non-update build (ie: simply remove everything and start afresh
or manually removing the relevant obj directories is needed.


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