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re: panic: locking xyz against myself (linux DRM?!)

> Now, whenever the system is up for a few days, and I didn't think of restarting firefox for a while, it eventually crashes with:
> > panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "((mutex->wwm_state != WW_OWNED) || (mutex->wwm_u.owner != curlwp))" failed: file "/usr/src/sys/external/bsd/drm2/linux/
> linux_ww_mutex.c", line 760 locking 0xfffffe804fc70220 against myself: 0xfffffe811c5b2840
[ ... ]
> Any ideas?  Does anyone else have the same problem?
> I can extract information from the crash dump if required.

this is PR 49862 that we don't have any good idea about yet. :-(

i've seen it 4 times.  once a while ago, then 3 times in the
space of an hour (all while scrolling around in google maps
inside firefox.)


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