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Re: incorrect super block

On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 12:20:32PM -0400, MLH wrote:
> This is the same problem I discussed back on Apr 27. The answer
> then was there was no problem an I had to reformat the drive(s).
> Problem is that all of my external drives have this same problem
> so I can't mount them without losing possible data (I can't even
> check to see).

Yeah, that discussion back then prompted the additions that now allow
mounting (with kernel warning) the "suspicious" file systems.
During that discussion, only reasons for a off-by-one CGSIZE() result
were found, so that ended up to be the criteria for warning vs. error.

Now it seems other variants are found in the wild, and we have to
carefully analyze how they could have happened.

Then we can fix any code that needs fixing and downgrade the error to a
warning for the analyzed cases.


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