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Re: Wedges enabled on -current ("Aaron J. Grier") writes:

>> The major issue with this is that while it creates a full set of links
>> at startup, devpubd doesn't see later changes to the partitioning,
>> just device attach/detach events like the wedge autodiscover code.

>kernel not propagating partition events?  dkctl not sending them?
>devpubd not paying attention?

All of the above, the functionality is part of the autoconfiguration
and partitioning events are something completely different.

>> The other issue is, that devpubd runs too late in the boot sequence.
>> The links are persistent, so this might be still "good enough" for
>> your purpose once the links are created, but I'd still use the NAME=
>> syntax for fstab.

>how does NAME= work?  modified getfsent(3)?

It's an extra step. getfsent() still returns the literal string
(among other things necessary for compatibility) and the program
interprets it by looking up wedge names.

This is encapsulated in the libutil function getfsspecname(), so
the program only needs a very tiny change to support the syntax.

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