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Is the installer supposed to work?

I've been trying to install a new system for three hours now, but I just can't.
I've tried two USB disk images and one ISO, in a VM and on a physical system.

I report these issues just to say they exist, but I've wasted enough time with
this, so I'll just wait for things to be magically fixed.

- I've used the amd64 USB image in
  first there's no checksum provided, MD5 and SHA512 only refer to i386.

- On the physical system: the USB installer does not ask for a language, while
  the ISO does. Anyway, it's not that bad. Also, I see a
        "warning: no /dev/console"
  I want to install NetBSD on a specific partition - I already have linux
  installed and I want to keep its MBR. When it asks for the bootcode, I say
  "no", and I choose "BIOS console". Then I get a message saying something like:
        "installboot: Old BPB too big, use -f (may invalidate filesystem)
         installboot: Set bootstrap operation failed"
  and the installation stops. Of course I don't want to "invalidate" my
  filesystem, so I won't use -f.
  I retry, but this time I choose "use existing" instead of "BIOS console". I
  get a segfault, and the installer exits.

- Wondering if it is a specific issue I reboot on Linux, and try to install the
  USB image and the ISO in a VM. It does not seem to complain about installboot,
  but now there's another issue: the installer can't download anything from the
  ftp repository, because dhclient returns
        "Shared object "" not found"

A 6.1.4 image works correctly.

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