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"/var/shm" on kernels w/o tmpfs?

The NET4501 kernel config excludes "file-system TMPFS" and is also
non-MODULAR, so it can't load it on demand.

Thus, in -7 and -current, the addition of

  tmpfs  /var/shm        tmpfs   rw,-m1777,-sram%25

to "fstab" by 'postinstall' causes an error when "/etc/rc.d/mountall"
runs on the next boot (IIRC something like "operation not supported by

Commenting/removing the line from "fstab" silences the error on boot
but will cause 'postinstall' to prompt "fix"ing that on the next update.

If there is a subsystem that expects "/var/shm" to exist, perhaps all
kernel configs should include "TMPFS"?

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