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Re: Preparation for creating netbsd-7 branch

matt@ wrote:

> > For the next release, core/releng should decide per current implementation:
> > - how the default userland MACHINE_ARCH should be deteremined
> What do you mean by default?

"What (and how) MACHINE_ARCH should releng (binary builders) specify
 for each arm port on NetBSD 7.0 release?"

> > - how to handle migration from old ABI to new one on sysinst
> In essence, this is no different from upgrading an i386 userland to an amd64 
> userland.

So, your answer is
"We will never prepare such upgrade path"

> > - which MACHINE_ARCH binaries should be prepared for official packages
> > etc. for the new MACHINE_ARCH strategies.
> I have not seen an ARMv6 or ARMv7 machine without floating point yet.

It doesn't answer the question at all.

The question is "which MACHINE_ARCH".

> You are making a mountain out of a molehill.  Providing a simple mechanism 
> for an optimized userland for an embedded system (which most ARMs are) is a 
> good thing.  

You never mentioned such "simple mechanism" goal in public, did you?

The probelm is all your changes have been committed without
public discussion and proper article.  That's all.

You never answered any questions either, and
you never wrote proper commit logs.
(PR numbers, reports on public mailing lists etc.)

You have never answered other core member's question
about mips64 breakage either, put no comments to recent fixes.

It looks far from proper behavior as a core member..

Izumi Tsutsui

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