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Re: Getting Started

"William D. Jones" <> writes:

> Although the driver might be for an old device, I'm under the
> impression a working driver- written up to standards- would be
> accepted anyway as a meaningful contribution- educational at
> least. And who knows- it might be of use to others. With that being
> said, where would be the proper place to get feedback (WITHOUT
> harassing the developers) as I develop this driver to ease
> integration? I do want to make this easy for all parties involved
> (besides myself and my sanity :P), and I'm grateful for any help I can
> get if necessary. I figure the tech-kern mailing list (pre-bare
> minimum implementation) or problem reports (when I have a bare-minimum
> implementation, like pcdopen and pcdread) are most appropriate, but
> does anyone more experience than me at writing device drivers have any
> advice?

The basic advice is 

  read the other drivers that do similar things (to have the
  system-facing interfaces similar, or understand why not)

  read drivers that have been recently spiffed up (to be MPSAFE, and
  generally using modern kernel interfaces)

  read the section 9 man pages, particularly about bus_space, memory
  allocation and locking

and then when you have something, put up a patch someplace and send a
note to port-i386 (technically your driver is MI for some bus, but
I suspect really it will only be used on i386.

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