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Re: USB 3.0 status in NetBSD-current?

> There is some code for xhci, but I wouldn't stress it.
> I've only looked at enough to add some comments where it is clearly buggy
> or needs some TLC in order to operate with certain host controllers.

> Even the Linux xhci driver isn't in very good shape.

>         David

I've never been able to access or recognize Kingston Data Traveler USB 3.0 from 
NetBSD, but OK from Linux and FreeBSD.

NetBSD also couldn't recognize a USB 3.0 hard drive.

FreeBSD, and I'm not sure about NetBSD now, can't access some specific models 
of USB 2.0 sticks, and is very slow on some others, like taking almost 8 hours 
on "make installworld" when rebuilding the system, normally something that 
would take maybe 40 minutes, as with NetBSD.

But I have a FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE i386 installed on a Kingston USB 3.0 Data 
Traveler, 32 GB, and that is faster, but I need to use kernel parameters to 
make the boot allow extra time on mountroot.


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