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Re: DESTDIR support for etcupdate?

On 09.06.2014 12:20, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Is there any way to run etcupdate for NetBSD on other than the current root?
> This would be useful for a new installation from an existing installation, 
> building from source, on a different device, such as USB stick to hard-drive 
> partition, or vice versa.  
> I have a USB-stick installation, ran newfs on hard-drive partition, made 
> appropriate directories, used cvs to checkout and update src and pkgsrc 
> trees, ran to build and install system, but still need to get /etc 
> and /dev more ready.
> FreeBSD's mergemaster, which is their counterpart to NetBSD's etcupdate, has 
> an option -D (destdir) to work on a different destination directory.
> Tom

cp /some/where/etc.tgz  /newroot/tmp
chroot /newroot
etcupdate -s /tmp/etc.tgz

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