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Re: Running makemandb on every boot

We have a rc.conf setting for this (makemandb=YES/NO), but we could argue
about thedefault (currently: YES).

I am fine with changing that to NO, but I really dislike port-specific
defaults (however they are implemented). They just cause confusion.

I ran a few more tests, and runtimes vary seriously (partly due to different
sets of pkgsrc man pages being installed):

SparcStation LX (50 MHz sparc v8), slow scsi disk, 96 MB ram:
     2145.91 real      1856.68 user        92.47 sys

JavaStation Krups (100 MHz sparc v8), diskless, 64MB ram:
     1469.48 real      1127.50 user       118.26 sys

HP9000/715/50 (50 MHz hppa), slow scsi disk, 96MB ram:
      118.93 real        93.40 user         0.00 sys

GuruPlug (1.2 GHz ARM), sata disk, 512 MB ram:
       32.44 real        27.78 user         4.24 sys

GuruPlug (1.2 GHz ARM), diskless, 512 MB ram:
       21.00 real        11.33 user         6.52 sys

Apparently something makemandb does is not very performing well on
sparc - this needs closer investigation (maybe we can make it faster
for everything).


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