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Re: interface send-q stall in 6.99.40?

On 05/12/14 22:39, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 09:56:30PM +0200, Frank Kardel wrote:
traceroute packets from outside look like the are anwsered, but ICMP ECHO is
not answered.

The interface recovers with an ifconfig wmX down/up.

While I do not know how to provoke this on wm (just happens once a week). I
found the same phenomenon occurring on a Raspberry Pi when detaching the
cable. The same symptoms occur there and ifconfig usmsc0 down/up will

Is anybody else seeing this?
I do, on a amd64 host with wm interface. Disabling TSO4 and TSO6 fixed the
problem for me.

Will try that! Thanks for the hint.


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