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Re: Strange boot problems on amd64-current (6.99.40)

On May 12,  3:19pm, kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost (Robert Elz) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Strange boot problems on amd64-current (6.99.40)

| One possibility that would be a backwards compatible, and slightly less
| hacky (and more flexible) solution, might be to use
|               booted_partition = (whatever)->root_partition >> 8;
| (where 8 could be anything, and probably not be an inline constant of course).
| For existing raid arrays, that is going to have the same effect as
|               booted_partition = 0;
| as root_partition is 0 or 1 (or after your change, perhaps 2).
| But now there would be the possibility to set the partition number (or for
| GPT, the index) into root_partition and allow the raidframe config to
| select whatever it wants to be the root.   Index 0 isn't valid for GPT, so
| that would either mean "look for raidNa" as now, or perhaps look for some
| label attribute indicating rootness...

Thanks,  I will set ot to 0 and add a comment. To that effect.


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