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Re: Strange boot problems on amd64-current (6.99.40)

On May 11,  7:10pm, ("Michael L. Hitch") wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Strange boot problems on amd64-current (6.99.40)

| On Sun, 11 May 2014, Paul Goyette wrote:
| > I might be able to get a serial console set-up, but it will likely take 
| > time, as I have never used serial console with netbsd.  (I would estimate 
| > that it would take me at least until next weekend, maybe even longer...)
| >
| > If there are any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
|    My guess is that since you have the RAID partition on wd0e, the root 
| device configuration is trying to use the 'e' partition on the raid0 
| device.
|    I think I've almost always used the 'a' partition for a bootable raid 
| and can't remember any configuration where the bootable raid wasn't on the 
| 'a' partition.

That could be the problem, but that does not explain why the new code is
not working.


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