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Re: netstat routing table (verbose) output

Hi Christos !

Bringing the functionality back would be good - I have yet to find a replacement.


On 04/24/14 14:44, Christos Zoulas wrote:
In article <>,
Frank Kardel  <> wrote:

once upon a time (NetBSD 6.x and before) the command
netstat -nvrf inet

Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use    Mtu
default             UGS        15 35833864      -  nfe0
         expire            0   recvpipe          0   sendpipe          0
         ssthresh          0   rtt               0   rttvar            0
         hopcount          0
10.0.2/24          link#1             UC         14        0      -  nfe0
         expire   1390815881   recvpipe          0   sendpipe          0
         ssthresh          0   rtt               0   rttvar            0
         hopcount          0           00:00:24:c9:2c:84  UHLc        1  2690346      -  nfe0
         expire   1398341586   recvpipe          0   sendpipe          0
         ssthresh          0   rtt          109375   rttvar        93750
         hopcount          0

Nowadays (-current) I only see the same output as without the -v option.

Is this deliberate? Is this a regression?

The -v option was useful to check things like hopcount and diagnose
routing trouble.
The route show <dest> command still outputs the hopcount and other
information, but not the entire routing table in extended format.

Is there a plan to re-instate the functionality?
I think that died when Elad? tried to cleanup netstat not to use kmem.
It should be fixed properly by adding more stuff to sysctl if we bring
the functionality back.


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