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Re: update (-u) builds vs. copying read-only files

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> While updating a build (unprivileged) that includes the "iso-image"
> target, I saw the following:
> [...]
> Copying /d0/build/current/DEST/macppc/usr/mdec/ofwboot.xcf to 
> /d0/build/current/obj/macppc/distrib/macppc/cdroms/installcd/cdrom ...
> cp: 
> /d0/build/current/obj/macppc/distrib/macppc/cdroms/installcd/cdrom/ofwboot.xcf:
>  Permission denied
> [...]

This is a general issue in the build.  I run into it because I do cvs
checkouts with CVSREAD=t, resulting in 444 sourcefiles, and hence 444
objfiles that copied.

Basically, I think defining CP to use -f globally is probably
reasonable, but I'm not sure if there will be fallout.

It also seems like $INSTALL should be used, but this is for the
source->obj step, not obj->destdir.

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