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Re: redefined symbols issue

On Apr 21, 2014, at 3:29 AM, Anders Magnusson <> 

> Iain Hibbert skrev 2014-04-20 20:07:
>> Hello
>> I found an issue when compiling NetBSD sources with pcc, which I am not
>> sure where the 'fault' lies, as pcc handles this slightly differently than
>> gcc (and clang) though the cause of it seems strange in its own right.
>> The problem I face is that DBL_DIG, DBL_MAX, DBL_MIN, FLT_DIG, FLT_MAX and
>> FLT_MIN are defined in <machine/limits.h> and <sys/float_ieee754.h> both,
>> and during a build of (eg) libc/absvdi2.o, I get an error because they are
>> defined slightly differently. For example, in <i386/limits.h> I see:
>> #define DBL_DIG              15
>> whereas in <sys/float_ieee754.h> there is effectively:
>> #define DBL_DIG              __DBL_DIG__

> This is actually disallowed in C99 6.10.3 clause 1 and 2.
> A redefinition must be literally identical to be allowed.

I notice that pcc incorrectly defines __DBL_* and __FLT_* for vax.

Everyone but vax now uses __xxx__ in <machine/limits.h>

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