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Re: Suspend broken (6.99.40, swcrypto)

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
>Hmmm, not quite so trivial as you might thing.  pmf_device_register() 
>needs to have the device_t as the first argument.
>swcrypto attaches using config_attach_pseudo(), which as far as I can
>tell ends up calling the swcryptoattach(int) initialization routine.
>This routine doesn't get passed a device_t so nothing available to give 
>to pmf_device_register() ...

There is "self" in swcrypto_attach so you could put the pmf_stuff there.
>Other pseudo devices which already handle pmf_device_register() (for
>example, cgd, vnd, fss) are attached with calls to devsw_attach() which
>seems to call the othe initialization routine xxx_attach(device_t,
>device_t void *) (as declared in the CFATTACH_DECL).
>None of the refactoring changes I made to swcrypto removed anything, so
>this failure-to-suspend should have been a pre-existing condition.
>It is also not clear to me why crypto0 is not also listed as lacking pmf 
>support...  (Its attachment seems to call both devsw_attach() and 
>config_attach_pseudo(), but nowhere does it call pmf_device_register()!)

Same there. Give it a try.


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