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Re: gcc48, drmkms issues with i386

In article <Pine.NEB.4.64.1404071640360.8477%david.technoskunk.fur@localhost>,
John D. Baker <> wrote:
>Finally installed i386-6.99.40 from sources as of about 201404071800Z.
>I'd been running 6.99.38 built with HAVE_GCC=48 for some time, though.
>pxeboot_ia32.bin is still broken.  Machine immediate resets when countdown
>expires and loading the kernel is attempted.  This is true both for what
>I compiled and downloaded from releng snapshots.  Reverting to a version
>of 'pxeboot_ia32.bin' built with sources of 201404050000Z (so built with
>gcc-4.5.4) works.

Looks like the pxeboot problem is different than the one I fixed a few
hours ago. Try compiling one with -O0 and see if that works. Then we
can figure out which file the new gcc miscompiles and why.


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