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SHA512 and MD5 of (201404050000Z/images) only lists i386 checksums

hu-hu, from ex-circuit. :-)

Thanks for re-enabling the mass-compatible versions, but
unfortunately i now cannot verify the images, because the checksum
files are not complete (also for the newest snapshot).

For my downloaded 201404050000Z/images/NetBSD-6.99.40-amd64.iso
i have


Now that Snow Leopard is and are soon extinct i think my new
everyday machine will have enough RAM and CPU to get rid of those
downloads over weak wireless networks and i will turn over to
building NetBSD myself.
Yeah ... it'll take a bit longer for Gorillas in the Mist, but
we'll surely get that done, too.  No doubts about that.

Have a nice rest-weekend.


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