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HEADS UP: xf86-video-intel upgraded

Hi, folks!  FYI: Last night I upgraded xf86-video-intel in xsrc to

This is necessary to use Sandy Bridge or later Intel graphics.

This is a little premature because drm2, or DRM/KMS, is still flaky
and I've ported only the Intel support so far (notably, not radeon or
nouveau).  However, merging vendor imports on a branch rather than in
HEAD is too painful to do in CVS.

So, here's the state of affairs:

1. The new xf86-video-intel and drm2 are intended to work with any
Intel hardware, including pre-Sandy-Bridge.  It is still flaky,
though, and drm2 is in need of another update from upstream.  But you
can try it out with the amd64/DRMKMS kernel configuration.

2. The old xf86-video-intel does not work with drm2[*].

3. The new xf86-video-intel does not work with old drm, or DRM/UMS,
because upstream for xf86-video-intel dropped support for DRM/UMS.

[*] I believe the only issue is that there is no way to mmap a file
that is not a regular or device file, and drm2 uses a cloning device,
rather than a normal device as old drm did.  This may not be too hard
to sort out, but it requires a change to uvm like I discussed briefly
last year and never committed.  There could also be other issues

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