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Ryota Ozaki  <> wrote:
>I'm adding a new build variable MKCTF, which
>was discussed on the chat some days ago.
>Currently CTF tools are built and used to generate
>and manipulate CTF data of ELF binaries when
>we build with MKDTRACE=yes. Unfortunately,
>current CTF tools don't work on i386/amd64/arm,
>and that adds a burden to try DTrace by users.
>The new variable is intended to separate CTF
>stuffs from MKDTRACE; we can build DTrace
>solely without worrying about the CTF issues.
>Fortunately, CTF data are not used yet by
>current DTrace of NetBSD, so DTrace still
>works without CTF data.
>Once CTF issues are solved, we would be
>able to merge MKCTF to MKDTRACE again
>but it would not come soon. So I think the
>workaround is still useful at this point.
>My patch is attached and also available at
> .

I am happy with that approach.


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