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Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

On Mar 24,  5:46pm, (Ilya Zykov) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

| Hello!
| Please, tell me know if I wrong.
| In general case I can't find(easy), from driver, where its device file 
located on file system,
| its vnode or its directory vnode where this file located.
| Such files can be many and I can't find what file used for current operation.
| Maybe anybody had being attempted get this info from the driver?

You can't find from the driver where the device node file is located
in the filesystem, as well as you cannot reliably find from the
vnode of the device node the filesystem path. There could be many
device nodes that satisfy the criteria (you can make your own tty
node with mknod)....


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