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Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

> The mountpoint inside ptm_pty. Perhaps by having separate instances in the ptm
> driver?
> christos

I think, it's not better.
I can do so, but:
 1. Now we have only 2 instances ptm_pty, one for ptyfs one for bsdpty 
and use its mainly for switch from one to other(we will have ptm_pty array).
 2. Now we keep local ptyfs' data pointer(mp) inside external ptm_pty it's 
mistaken way(IMHO).
We have useless "ping pong" local data. Maybe it is conceived for other goal.
Easier  keep it in local static pointer and don't pass it in parameters every 
function call.
 3. I don't want dispose ptyfs code inside ptm driver.
 4. We will have export "ptyfs__getpath()".
 5. Use ptm minor numbers for differentiating factor(or other differentiating 
factor), maybe, 
useless work, because user space programs use only one instance. 
Really multiple instances are needed only for chroot.
Also it complicates user space programs, but give more productivity(we don't 
need look up mount point).


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