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Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

On Mar 21, 10:23pm, (Ilya Zykov) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Enhance ptyfs to handle multiple instances.

| If seriously, it's first working prototype for comments and objections.
| It's working as follow:
| Mount first ptyfs instance in /dev/pts(or other path) you can get access to 
master side
| through ptm{x} device.
| Mount second ptyfs instance inside chroot(Example: /var/chroot/test/dev/pts), 
create ptm{x}
| device inside chroot(Ex. /var/chroot/test/dev/ptm{x}). 
| Chroot: chroot /var/chroot/test /rescue/sh,
| now you can see only second instance in /dev/pts.
| I'm leaving for the weekend till Monday.


I don't understand why you want to get rid of the mountpoint arg inside
the pty structure. It certainly makes things faster, and the pty can't
be shared...


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