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Re: 6.99.33 amd64 panic

On Tue, Mar 04, 2014 at 11:48:33AM +0400, Ilya Zykov wrote:
> Sorry for worry!
> Can't boot any more 6.99.33 amd64(GENERIC).
> Machine: Linux KVM x86_64,
>       ACPI on, APIC on, 2 CPU, 1024 RAM.
> No matter if ACPI off, SMP off.
> 6.99.32 boot normaly.
> Screenshot in attachment.

Typing 'bt' at the db{0}> prompt might give a stacktrace.
Hmm... wrxcr isn't supposed to execute 'ldgt', but that is probably
a bug in the the disassembly.
Running 'objdump -d /netbsd' probably gives the correct instruction.

The failing instruction is probably xsetbv.
The code is probably trying to enable the avx instructions - because
the cpuid instruction indicated that it is available.

This might be a bug in the linux kvm code, not netbsd.


David Laight:

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