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Re: Choosing ordering of pseudo-interface config

=>   | It would be a useful shortcut to have each file
=>   | PROVIDE its basename implicitly.
=> If literally that, then as an option to rcorder, it shouldn't be
=> too hard I'd think - even to have that implicit PROVIDE apply only
=> when there isn't an explicit one, which might be better (more generally
=> useful).
=> But for use here, probably not worth the bother - first, because there
=> typically are only a fairly small number of files involved, and if you're
=> going to edit any of them to add REQUIRE or BEFORE keywords, you might
=> as well edit all, and add PROVIDE as well (that step only needs to be done
=> once...) - and particularly, because the basename here (using basename
=> would
=> be a reasonable choice) would give you
=>      PROVIDE: ifconfig.vlan0
=> and while there's be nothing wrong with that, we could then
=>      REQUIRE: ifconfig.vlan0
=> but once you see it that way, it doesn't look nearly as attractive...
=> "Fixing" that would mean rcorder would need some method to tell it how to
=> extract the keyword from the basename, and doing all the work for that
=> just
=> to avoid a little one off editing, seems a bit much.
=> Of course, there could be other places where this could be used, and be
=> useful, just I don't think the interface config order use is the one that
=> should motivate it.

   All good points. Thanks.

                                      Gary Duzan

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