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Re: More "issues" with -current - i2c problems

On 2013-10-12 wrote:

But then I noticed that Soren had also modified the piixpm(4) driver to attach multiple iic* on SB800 hardware. Some investigation shows that accessing iic[123] using i2cscan(8) causes all sorts of problems, and actually locks up the i2c bus on iic0!

This could easily be kern/47179 related (iic_acquire_bus return values inconsistent and often ignored), since if some device is trying to write bus 0 and ignores or misinterprets the return value of iic_acquire_bus then it will interfere with whatever bus is selected (there could be something else going on too if it reliably fails immediately). Fixing this requires changing all iic code, so keeping numbusses = 1 for now is the easiest solution if that works (although I'm not sure why this issue
doesn't cause more problems even with a single bus).


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