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Re: PF netbsd 6.1.2

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 7:03 AM, Guilherme Covolo 
<> wrote:
> How to disable pf.boot or open ssh port on netbsd 6.1?
> thanks

NetBSD 6.1 has two options for firewalls: ipf and pf

there are plenty of tutorials on each, but here's one with ipf:

also check man rc.conf on how to enable the firewalls
     ipfilter        `YES' or `NO'.  Runs ipf(8) to load in packet filter
                     specifications from /etc/ipf.conf at network boot time,
                     before any interfaces are configured.  Passes
                     ipfilter_flags.  See ipf.conf(5).

     pf              Boolean value.  Enable pf(4) at network boot time: Load
                     the initial configuration pf.boot.conf(5) before the net-
                     work is up.  After the network has been configured, then
                     load the final ruleset pf.conf(5).

Hope this helps,

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