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Clue needed - failure trying to build from old sources

In an effort to track down my recent problems with the boot-loader, I'm trying to rebuild earlier system (so I can do a binary search and find out where the problem was introduced).

I checked out the old sources with

        cvs checkout -D '2013-03-01' -l src
        cvs update -D '2013-03-01' -P -d

I then attempt to run a ' build' using

        ./ -T /build/test/tools/x86_64/amd64 \
                -D /build/test/dest/amd64 \
                -O /build/test/obj/amd64 \
                -R /build/test/release \
           -m amd64 -j1 tools

It runs for a while, and eventually fails with (manually line-wrapped for improved readability)

        #      link  npfctl/npfctl
        /build/test/tools/x86_64/amd64/bin/x86_64--netbsd-gcc    \
        --sysroot=/build/test/dest/amd64     -o npfctl \
        npfctl.o npf_var.o npf_data.o npf_ncgen.o npf_build.o \
        npf_extmod.o npf_disassemble.o npf_scan.o npf_parse.o \
        -lnpf -lprop -lcrypto -lutil -ly       \
        -Wl,-dynamic-linker=/libexec/ld.elf_so \
        -Wl,-rpath,/lib -L=/lib
        /lib/ undefined reference to `__explicit_memset'

Is it, for some reason, trying to use the host's installed copy of libcrypt rather than the one that was built earlier in $DESTDIR? (I notice that it uses "-lcrypto" in the Makefile, but the error message refers to libcrypt - without the 'o').


1. Will adding "-l crypt" to npfctl's Makefile fix this?
2. If I do that, do I also need to add ${LIBCRYPT} to DPADD?
3. Any other additional changes needed?

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