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Re: link problems

Thank you for the fix.

I am just observing that the current binutils link logic requires us to fix ~90 packages that where presumably ok before (but possibly not completely correct wrt/ library usage).
I just think we should be aware of that.


On 10/09/13 11:02, Roy Marples wrote:

On 09/10/2013 7:00, Frank Kardel wrote:
My build just finished:

In the current state my amd64 build shows ~90 packages the
aforementioned show link failures.

Right now -current as of 2013-10-03 and pkgsrc 2013Q3 do not get along
very well.

So we need a general binutils fix or fix 90+ packages.


The problem here is that ce doesn't actually use any curses functions
- it uses termcap instead.
However, the packager is forcing the use of -lcurses which is wrong.
Curses does not imply either termcap or terminfo - curses could change
to a really different database and still work.

So the correct fix is to change the package to use termcap correctly.
I've attached the diff (already committed) below to help people fix
other packages.



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