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Re: build broken -groff and c++ compiler


On 10/07/2013 08:23 PM, Aran Clauson wrote:

I have the same problem.  Following the Riccardo's lead, I removed all of the
objdirs in /src/external/gpl3/binults.  I changed in to the lib directory and
executed the following:

$ make cleandir && make obj && make dependall USETOOLS=never && make install

After much output I got the following error:

ar crs libbfd_pic.a `NM=nm lorder archive.pico archures.pico bfd.pico 
bfdio.pico bfdwin.pico cache.pico coffgen.pico corefile.pico format.pico 
init.pico lib_bfd.pico opncls.pico reloc.pico section.pico syms.pico 
targets.pico hash.pico linker.pico srec.pico binary.pico tekhex.pico ihex.pico 
stabs.pico stab-syms.pico merge.pico dwarf2.pico simple.pico compress.pico 
verilog.pico elf64-x86-64.pico elf-ifunc.pico elf-nacl.pico elf64.pico elf.pico 
elflink.pico elf-attrs.pico elf-strtab.pico elf-eh-frame.pico dwarf1.pico 
elf32-i386.pico elf-vxworks.pico elf32.pico i386netbsd.pico aout32.pico 
coff-i386.pico cofflink.pico pei-i386.pico peigen.pico pei-x86_64.pico 
pex64igen.pico elf64-gen.pico elf32-gen.pico cpu-i386.pico cpu-l1om.pico 
cpu-k1om.pico netbsd-core.pico archive64.pico | tsort -q`
make[2]: don't know how to make /home/NetBSD/src/lib/libz/ Stop

make[2]: stopped in /home/NetBSD/src/external/gpl3/binutils/lib/libbfd
*** Error code 2
I fixed that by executing

make cleandir && make obj && make dependall USETOOLS=never && make install

inside /usr/src/lib

be sure there are  not additional errors there!

currently, I was able to rebuild first lib, bin sbin usr.bin, usr.sbin and then binutils, which was the original goal As said this improved the situation for c++ but not obj-c. I left a distribution build running overnight on the laptop, let's see tomorrow if it finished or if it broke somwhere.


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