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Re: build broken -groff and c++ compiler


Nick Hudson wrote:
On 10/04/13 19:04, Thomas Klausner wrote:
or any other new comp.tgz and extracting the ldscripts
(./usr/libdata/ldscripts/) from the tarball into your /
How can one recognize if one's system is broken this way?
grep _array.*tors /usr/libdata/ldscripts/*

shouldn't match anything
Are you sure of this command? It doesn't match anything here either.

There is only one single file in that directory, kmodule. Both on my system and in the tarball.

I extracted it. It did not help, neither with groff, neither with GNustep (which, btw, I bild from source, not from packages, I'm a GNUstep developer).

I will now extract all comp.tar.gz over my stuff


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