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Re: Creating /dev/dk* nodes so as to be persistent

> You'll want to look in either etc.tgz (assuming you did a " release")
> or dev in whatever $DESTDIR you used when building for the MAKEDEV file.

I found MAKEDEV in the build directories.

Maybe I could add dk16 dk17 ... in the line below dk8 ... dk15 in MAKEDEV in 
the appropriate source directory, when I am ready for the next NetBSD system 

Now if I had only up to dk15, and the root partition on boot happened to be on 
a dk wedge > 15, the boot would hang even if I use NAME= in /etc/fstab?

Booting the USB stick, root came on /dev/dk15 and swap on /dev/dk16 (one too 
high, hance not configured).

GPT is supposed to allow up to 128 partitions on a disk by default.

xhci dodn't work, modular Xorg, updated by pkg_rolling-replace, wouldn't start, 
but I was successful building subversion and checking out FreeBSD-current 
source tree: couldn't do that from FreeBSD 9.2 prerelease USB-stick 
installation because of a bug in Realtek 8111E (re) driver for MSI Z77 MPOWER 
motherboard, but good for an earlier MSI motherboard.

NetBSD-current accesses this Ethernet, but OpenBSD 5.3 live USB fails; also 
OpenBSD supports neither GPT nor USB 3.0.


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