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Re: Booting from gpt-on-raid1-on-gpt? (Hauke Fath) writes:

>since I have just run into the problem again: Is there any perspective 
>for booting NetBSD from a gpt-on-RAID1-on-gpt setup (see PR 44982) 
>without falling back to disklabel(8)?

What part of the boot process fails?

Booting requires

- MBR to fetch PBR

- PBR interpreting GPT
- PBR detecting RAID(?) volume and raidframe label.
- PBR interpreting GPT inside the RAID volume
- PBR reading /boot

- /boot repeating about the same to read /netbsd

- /netbsd repeating about the same to mount /

Step 2 and 3 of PBR (same code as in /boot) probably
need to be implemented.

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